What is an example of a repeating decimal

Converting Decimals and Fractions Brilliant Math. What is 5/9 written as a decimal? 0.45 0.4 repeating 0.5 0.

what is an example of a repeating decimal

24/12/2007 · In a recurring decimal, any number of digits can repeat and the first of the repeating digits may be anywhere after the decimal point. For example, 12. Click here 👆 to get an answer to your question ️ The number 15.24 is an example of a repeating decimal. True False.

what is an example of a repeating decimal

Note: A repeating decimal is a decimal that has a digit, or a block of digits, that repeat over and over and over again without ever ending. Did you know that all. What is a Terminating Decimal? Watch this tutorial to learn about terminating decimals and see some examples A repeating decimal is a decimal.
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When you convert these special fractions into decimals, you get terminating decimals! Repeating Decimals. How to convert Fractions to Decimals Part 2..
what is an example of a repeating decimal

The longest repeating decimal doesn't actually exist in the most literal terms. Find out about the longest repeating decimal with help from a math expert in this free. Is a non-repeating and non-terminating decimal always an irrational? The decimal expansion of a rational number is always non-repeating decimal expansion.. The smallest repeating part is the digits 857142, so the period of this repeating decimal is 6. Try even more examples until you can make a conjecture:.

what is an example of a repeating decimal
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